Boat trip on Victoria Harbour

Boat trip on Victoria Harbour

A boat trip around Victoria Harbour is an activity no visitor to Hong Kong should miss out on. Discover when to go and what you'll see!

A boat trip around Victoria Harbour is a must-do activity on any trip to Hong Kong, offering the opportunity to see the city's impressive skyline from a new perspective.

There are numerous companies offering boat tours of the harbour at different times throughout the day, so you'll have no trouble finding a way to enjoy the experience.

When to do a cruise

When it comes to choosing what time of day to enjoy a boat trip on Victoria Harbour, we think the best time is undoubtedly in the evening in order to watch the Symphony of Lights show. A boat is definitely the best place from which to watch the famous light and sound show, as you're able to see the buildings of Hong Kong Island and of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Of the companies that offer tours of the bay, the cheapest option is with Star Ferry. Their two-hour cruise costs 150 HKD (US$ 19.20) at night and 85 HKD (US$ 10.90) during the day and departs from the Tsim Sha Tsui pier. To do the boat trip on a luxury vessel or a traditional-style boat, the price will be higher.

Some companies also offer dinner cruises, with prices starting from 300 HKD (US$ 38.40).

Book online

To save time and guarantee the availability of the activity on your trip, why not book your Victoria Harbour cruise in advance via our website?


Multiple departure times. For the Symphony of Lights, boats usually sail at 7 pm.


Cruise only: from 140 HKD (US$ 17.90).
Dinner cruise: from 300 HKD (US$ 38.40).

Symphony of Lights Traditional Boat Cruise 330 HKD (US$ 42.20)