Buses in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's bus network comprises over 200 lines and connects the various different areas of the city, however it can seem complicated to tourists!

Hong Kong's bus network covers pretty much the entire territory, but as Kowloon and the north of Hong Kong Island are so well connected by the MTR, tourists will usually only use it to visit the south of Hong Kong, the New Territories and Lantau Island. Most buses run from 5:30 am or 6 am through to midnight and the main stations are under Exchange Square in Central and on Queensway in Admiralty.

Fares & paying

Bus fares depend on the destination, costing from 4.50 HKD (US$ 0.60) to 47 HKD (US$ 6) depending on how far you travel. You can either pay in cash - with exact change! - or with the handy Octopus Card.

Not the quickest or most convenient

While the bus network is extensive, congested traffic means they're one of the slower ways to travel without the charm that the tramways offer. Even so, we've included relevant bus lines to each monument and attraction page so you can see if it's the easier option for you, and you can check out routes on the Hong Kong bus network website.