Taxis in Hong Kong

Taxis in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's taxis are colour coded, use a meter and are relatively cheap. Discover how much they cost and how to use them!

Taxis in Hong Kong are cheap compared to other popular tourist destinations, as well as being numerous (there are around 18,000 in the region!) and easy to flag down. Taxis are colour coded depending what area you're travelling to and around:

  • Red taxis with silver roofs are what you're most likely to use: these urban taxis service Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, and can go anywhere except Lantau.
  • Green taxis with white roofs: operate in the New Territories. However, if you're in the New Territories and your destination is Hong Kong, take a red taxi.
  • Blue taxis: serve Lantau Island.


Top tips for taxis

While some drivers may speak English, others may only speak Cantonese. It's always best to have your destination written down in Chinese, or giving the driver a card with your hotel name on.

It is a legal requirement for everyone in the vehicle to wear a seat belt. Driver and passengers will be fined if stopped and not wearing a seat belt.

Taxi fares in Hong Kong

The basic fare for the red urban taxis is 24 HKD (US$ 3.10), and an additional 1.70 HKD (US$ 0.20) is charged every 200 metres or one minute's wait after that.

While the MTR Airport Express is a convenient way to reach the city, others prefer to take a taxi from the airport. The journey from the airport to Kowloon costs around 320 HKD (US$ 40.90); and around 390 HKD (US$ 49.80) to Hong Kong. There are taxis available which can take up to 5 passengers.