MTR, Hong Kong's metro system

MTR, Hong Kong's metro system

Hong Kong's metro network consists of 12 lines covering virtually the entire region. Speedy, comfortable and economical, it's the best way to get around Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's metro, part of the MTR (Mass Transit Railway), is made up of 12 lines which service virtually the entire region. The most useful lines for tourists are the following:

MTR lines

  • Island Line (dark blue): runs across Hong Kong Island from east to west.
  • Tsuen Wan Line (red): crosses Victoria Harbour from Hong Kong to Kowloon before going up the peninsula. It connects to the Island Line at Central and Admiralty, and makes stops at places of interest like Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.
  • Airport Express (dark green): the MTR Airport express connects Kowloon and Hong Kong (Central) with the airport.


MTR ticket prices

The price of tickets varies according to the distance travelled. The average price of a journey is usually between 4.50 HKD (US$ 0.60) and 14.50 HKD (US$ 1.90). There are different types of ticket to travel on the MTR and they can be bought at the machines in MTR stations:

  • Single ticket: when you buy the ticket, you must select your destination station. The ticket must be kept until the end of the journey to exit the final station.
  • Octopus Card: this rechargeable contactless smart card can be used on almost all means of transport in Hong Kong and offers a discount compared to single-journey tickets. It is also valid for use at telephone booths, vending machines and some shops - a very convenient option to avoid carrying loose change.
  • 24 hour tourist pass: unlimited travel for 24 hours excluding special services like the Airport Express. They can be bought online in advance or at ticket machines and cost 65 HKD (US$ 8.30).


For more detailed information visit the MTR Hong Kong website.